"Grow Healthy" Content Marketing

AltaMed’s social content was lacking a consistently branded look and feel. So we developed a proprietary style to govern illustrations and infographic animations across all channels.

  • Role Creative Director
  • For AltaMed
  • Type Social Illustrations, Infographics, Animations, GIFs, Videos

Healthcare is a notoriously low engagement category. AltaMed needs to promote relevant health information in eye-catching “bite-sized” content morsels that don’t trivialize the seriousness of their message or mission.

Animations by Yoshica Winata. Copy by Lisa Boosin.

For style consistency, we established a series of illustration references that AltaMed’s internal communications team can apply in real-time social content creation.

Illustrations by Yoshica Winata and Neal Iwan

Classroom Background

Living Room Background

Health Center Conference Room Background

Park Background

Sample Icons and Numbers