Javier San Miguel

  • Creative Direction | Copy
  • Los Angeles, CA

Empathy is my creative currency.

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I'm the guy in the red gingham shirt and grey jacket. The rest are some very talented creatives I collaborate with. Forgive me for blending in, but I work hard at being a chameleon. To see the world through a diverse lens. To adapt my point of view into a brand voice, tone, look and feel that best resonate with the particular audience(s) addressed in each project. Advertising is a client-driven business, predicated on human insights. We run on shared emotions.

I like creatives who transcend categories. When their passions and pursuits don't always align with their cultural or ethnic background, gender, age, religion or national origin. It shows they think beyond their bubble. Contrarians make empathetic creatives.

I don't live in one cultural box. I'm originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico—of Puerto Rican, Cuban and Spanish heritage. But I'm a proud American and Angeleno, who majored in English literature, and mastered in Hollywood film. I like a little Hemingway with my Hitchcock. I'm crazy about winter sliding sports—specifically bobsled and skeleton—and the Olympic movement in general. But I'd rather live on a beach than a mountain. I strength train for recreation, and (try to) pursue a ketogenic diet. But I bake with plenty of sugar, French butter and full-fat dairy. And I cook like a fiend, preferably something with cheese. Nothing beats good food to bring friends and family together.

I work hard. But I don't live to work. Technology is a tool, not an appendage. The best ideas never come at a desk or behind a screen. They usually arrive in the company of other smart, talented people, doing things wholly unrelated to our day jobs. Preferably out-of-doors.

Welcome to my portfolio. Hopefully, you'll see something you like. If you have any questions, by all means reach out.

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