Intra-Agency Humor

I like to celebrate departing agency colleagues with customized posters. Herewith, a few of my faves…

  • For Sensis

CD/Art Director Manaf Naqeeb was famously obsessive about clean design, gourmet food and body building.

Art Director Cory Grabow did killer logo design, hailed from Montana, and dressed as Zorro during our last Halloween party.

Content Strategist Natalie Dunbar did not shy away from challenging clients.

Accounting/Payroll Manager Gareth Bogue persistently hounded staff to file timesheets properly.

Strategic Planner Justin Walstead was always quiet, very patient and extremely diligent. We feared he would snap one day.

Junior AE Estevan Palomino loved “The Sandlot” as a kid. He also had a TON of work piled on him by senior account staff.

Stephanie left Sensis once, only to return, then left us a second time for another plum position. We adore her, but the confusion made for a good poster.

Assistant Media Director Sujit Jothikumar left us for Amazon. And we pity Mr. Bezos (but still love Sujit).

Account Director Michelle Lavin loved to dish agency/client gossip with the guys in creative.

Group Creative Director Polly Beale hailed from East London and had a deep background in special education (which worked handily at corralling unruly Sensis creatives).

Director of Brand Engagement Sayo Martin was laser-focused on creating “epic” experiences for clients, and was a former national performance poet to boot.

“The Two Daniels” (Goma and Morales) were AE brothers-in-arms and frequent clubgoers in Hollywood. So we dispatched two bros with one poster.

Cindy Ung (far left) was an extremely hardworking receptionist / office manager, working with Amanda (HR) and Tina (Accounting)—and all reporting to Avi our terrifying Director of FInance (tied down). Hilarity frequently ensued.

Bailey Drucker was Digital Coordinator in our DX department and always carried an unflappably positive demeanor (notwithstanding the high stress environment created by the rest of the DX staff surrounding her).