"Downtown Connects"

How do you rally public and private support for a Los Angeles streetcar that doesn’t yet exist? By making bold use of city iconography to show what happens when opposite ends of downtown "connect.’'

  • Role ACD, Copywriter
  • For Los Angeles Streetcar
  • Type OOH, Website, Social Media, Collateral, Storefront Wraps

OOH billboard

Not having an actual streetcar design to display provided opportunities for creative whimsy.

Bus shelter and print ads

The proposed system will connect Staples Center with the historic Broadway corridor’s nightclubs and bars.

Surprisingly, there was no grocery store downtown until Ralph's opened on 9th in 2008. This has since spurred the downtown residential condo/loft boom.

Info pack targeting high-end stakeholders (property & business owners and city leaders). Split center front design plays on the “connectivity” theme.

Center pocket holds case studies for other streetcar projects in Portland and Seattle, in addition to background information on the LA Streetcar endeavor, corporate and civic backers, etc.

Detail of the streetcar case studies in Seattle and Portland.

FPO copy only.

Proposed takeovers of empty storefronts along the Broadway corridor, to ignite street-level awareness.