"Check Before You Burn"

How do you get people to stop burning wood during LA’s smoggiest days? By putting a human face to statistics on vulnerable youth with breathing problems in Southern California.

• Drove 27,000+ users directly to AirAlerts.org.
• Achieved highest number of email sign-ups for Air Alerts during year-one campaign, adding 1,923 new subs (a 70% year-to-year increase).

  • Role ACD, Copywriter (CD, Polly Beale)
  • For South Coast Air Quality Management District
  • Type TV, Radio, Digital, OOH, PR

“Juliette” :30 TV, Directed by Len Dickter for Tomato. Cinematography by Colin Watkinson.

Juliette also made personal appearances on local news, earning media coverage on FOX, KTLA, KPCC, KTIE-AM, IE Weekly (print & online). And we also leveraged weather anchors on FOX, KNBC and KCAL to advance awareness during weather reports.

Digital OOH facilitated real-time switching from awareness messaging to No-Burn Day alerts.

We only had a 24-hour lead time for No-Burn Day alerts.

Digital display and paid search spread awareness and drove traffic to sign-up page for No-Burn Day alerts.

“Juliette” :60 Radio, Audio mix by Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios.