"We Believe"

How do you launch a new hospital bearing the same name of the much-maligned hospital it replaced? By speaking in the confident voice of the medical faculty and staff who now occupy its new, state-of-the-art campus. And not looking back.

  • Role CD, Copywriter
  • For Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital
  • Type Digital, OOH, Bus Shelters, Bus Sides, Print, Sidewalk Power Wash

What was once pejoratively referred to as “Killer King” is now one of California’s most technologically advanced non-profit community hospitals.

Facility is fully linked to local providers through EHR, and is one of first to implement a full care coordination function.

All patients are seen by a physician, all rooms are private and feature family/friend sleeping accommodations.

All babies stay in room with mothers (skin-to-skin) and patients are linked via tablet to physicians, staff and personal entertainment 24/7.

Local saturation campaign took over the two-mile radius immediately surrounding MLKCH’s campus in Watts, Los Angeles with OOH placements and geo-targeted digital displays.

It identified physicians by name, and positioned hospital as an agent for community transformation.

We featured Spanish-speaking physicians to showcase in-language patient care capabilities.

Sidewalk power washed logos drove traffic to hospital website in the run-up to launch.

All buses in routes within 2-mile radius of campus featured our ads.

In-hospital translites helped patients identify their physicians.

Full-page print was still relevant in community pubs.

Digital display and paid search ads were geo-targeted to 2-mile radius of campus.