Rich Media Banners

Historical screen grabs of largely gamefied expandable rich media banners (Flash-based) for Latino Active Duty and Reserve prospect engagement.

  • Role ACD, Copywriter
  • For U.S. Army
  • URL

This banner displays an animated "photo-collage" concept.

Banner expands, allowing user to click on any of the photos to engage animation.

When user clicks on a photo, the other three disappear from frame...

...and another series of snapshots slides in and rearranges to compose a single portrait.

Once the collage mounts, we reveal backgrounds and support copy.

Each Soldier collage features a key strength characteristic.

The aim is to "dimensionalize" the multi-layered strength of a U.S. Army Soldier.

Each frame also leads users with a call to action to learn more.

A gamified banner execution for prospect engagement.

Banner expands to show an animated streaming river.

User must place bridge panels in correct order to help Army "convoy" cross it.

As user plays, the banner tallies the remaining panels.


User is prompted to witness additional feats of strength in the U.S. Army.

Another gamified banner, featuring a matching coordinates exercise.

User must plot aircraft coordinates to ID missions.

Each successful entry reveals a mission for that particular aircraft.

Designed to showcase variety of Army aircraft and missions to prospect recruits.

Emphasis on humanitarian missions.

Payoff with call to learn more.

Rich Media banner featuring animated gifs pulled from broadcast TV advertising.

User is prompted to rollover...

Banner expands and allows user to rollover each Soldier for more information.

Each Soldier image expands as Soldier looks "up" at user and reveals a particular Army value.

Each Soldier makes "eye contact" with user.

The aim is to motivate user to seek acknowledgment and respect for his/her strengths.

A “mission-based” gamified banner.

Banner expands to reveal a Stryker vehicle that user must "drive" to target destination.

Radar detail shows distance and direction to target destination, as vehicle moves through the terrain.

Vehicle goes from snow to desert environment.

Reward message upon reaching target destination.

Call to action in final frame.

A content-rich banner showcasing the multitude of career categories and skill sets featured in the Army Reserve.

Banner expands and user is prompted to choose from several icons representing skills and strengths.

When user rolls over an icon, it changes color and reveals the skill set it represents.

After user clicks on icon, banner reveals a specific Army Reserve job that's tied to that skill set.

User can explore all icons/job descriptions before clicking through to learn more.

Banner features a mini-profile of Army Reservist Marlene Garcia.

Banner expands to show a "sliding timeline" chronicling her career track.

Each point features a milestone in her life.

It also illustrates how Army Reserve training strengthens her...

...and helps her achieve life goals.

Garcia is a strong Soldier and civilian.

And we pay off revealing Garcia's rank as Sergeant in the Army Reserve.

Hispanic banner execution featuring important Army values.

Banner expands to show a series of Soldiers on a field. As user clicks on each Army value at the bottom, the banner "zooms-in" on a particular Soldier.

Each Soldier represents a different Army value.

Each frame also prompts user to learn more via call to action.