"Like No Other College in the Nation"

How do you help diversify the applicant pool for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy? By highlighting the uniqueness of the college’s multi-mission focus, to appeal to a broad range of students.

  • Role ACD, Copywriter
  • For U.S. Coast Guard Academy
  • Type Print, OOH, Collateral

Existing “Coastie” photostock helps make the institution stand out among peer military service academies.

Headlines feature actual cadet quotes to avoid an institutional feel.

The Academy needed to increase regional and ethnic diversity among its recruits. This photo was FPO until a more diverse image was sourced, but the text speaks to insights that resonate with relevant prospects.

An alternate campaign approach that speaks in the voice of the institution itself.

A large part of the Coastie experience is precisely that—hands-on experiences that other college students just don’t get.

The Academy’s modest size also forges close bonds between students and faculty.