"Get Your Fair Face On"

Winner – 2017 LA Addy Bronze – Local TV
2017 Radio Mercury Awards Finalist

B-roll doesn’t have to be boring. The Orange County Fair had a lot of it, but very little money for broadcast production. We made lemonade.

  • Role CD, Copywriter (additional copy by Erika Saca-Schader)
  • For OC Fair 2016
  • Type TV, Online Pre-Roll, Radio

English TV & Pre-Roll

Directed by Michelle Dougherty for Imaginary Forces. Audio design & mix by Felipe Valencia for Tono Studios.

Spanish TV & Pre-Roll

Audio design & mix by Felipe Valencia for Tono Studios.

Radio jingles were also integrated in karaoke competitions at the Fair.

To maximize production budget, lyrics were written to a stock track.

Spanish radio above transcreated to same track. Different lyrics, same idea.

Art direction by Stephany Reyes and Cory Grabow. Video editing and temp graphics by Reyes.

Conceptual demo video above originally used for client pitch.

Alternate “Fair Face” concept boards above, featuring face projections of B-roll footage.

Vimeo-sourced face projection demo clip. I added Black Eyed Peas music for client pitch.

Client loved this approach as well, but ultimately approved the motion graphics version displayed at top of page.