"Can I Bring It"

2016 Gold W3 – Online Video-Educational/Training
2016 Gold W3 – Video Features-Visual Effects/Motion
2016 Silver W3 – Online Video-Animation
2016 Silver W3 – Online Video-Travel
2016 ANA Multicultural Excellence – Audio

How do you get travelers to follow USDA rules? By hyper targeting them traveling to/from Hawaii, Mexico and China. Driving users to a responsive informational website. And making sure they don’t pack a pest.

  • Role ACD, Copywriter
  • For U.S. Department of Agriculture (APHIS)
  • Type Digital, OOH, Radio, PR and Social Influencer (travel bloggers)

Hawaii Pre-Roll (English)

Motion graphics by Los York (formerly Stardust). Audio design & mix by Felipe Valencia for Tono Studios.

Mexico Pre-Roll (Spanish)

China Pre-Roll (Mandarin)

We needed to reduce the number of people attempting to bring prohibited food or plant items into the U.S., and lower the threat of invasive species.

Mexico Radio (Spanish)

Audio design & mix by Felipe Valencia for Tono Studios.

China Radio (Mandarin)

Fully responsive website, with a three-way toggle in English, Spanish and Mandarin, offered a query tool helping travelers search for agricultural items and confirm their admissibility into the U.S.

In-culture content details all plant, animal, food and related agricultural products specific to each travel region.

Post-campaign, all website content was (sadly) migrated to usda.aphis.gov, losing the elegance of our Drupal-based design.

U.S./Mexico border OOH.

U.S./Mexico border OOH.

Mexico-bound OOH placement on U.S. side.

Baja, Mexico wallscape left placement.

Baja, Mexico wallscape right placement.

HD LED display ad.

Trolley station OOH.

Trolley station OOH.

In addition to a targeted PR push through in-culture broadcast news media in all gateway markets, we recruited and educated social influencers in the travel blogosphere with digital-ready presskits to help spread the message through their respective channels.

Sample Social Infographic from Digital Presskit.

Sample Travel Blog Post.