"Acres of Fun"

When a client comes to you and says "we have these characters our internal team has designed," it’s normally a scary thing.

But the OC Fair always gives us ample room to play in their sandbox.

  • Role Creative Director, Copywriter
  • For OC Fair 2019
  • Type Broadcast TV, Radio & Digital Pre-Roll

OC Fair’s Creative Services team had some original illustrations on their end. We had a bunch of B-roll footage on ours…

Plus we're huge fans of Son of Zorn and Amazing Gumball. Which led to an idea...

English TV :30

Art Direction by David Galván. Animation by Benjamin Goldman. Directed by Mike Miller for MWP. Sound design & mix by Jaime Zapata for Tono Studios.

Spanish TV :30

The radio spot was inspired by this llama illustration. We gave him a voice, a microphone and full run of the barnyard—in two languages…

English Radio :60

Sound design & mix by Diego Jota Arancibia for Tono Studios.

Spanish Radio :60

Bilingual character animation and voice casting were the biggest lifts.

English :15 Digital Pre-Roll

Spanish :15 Digital Pre-Roll