"Just Add Waterfront"

How do you get LA residents to consider the San Pedro side of the Port of LA as an entertainment destination? By making hay out of eye candy.

Client had zero production budget and a tight timeline. Existing photo assets needed to be re-purposed as display banners, :15 pre-roll videos and in-cinema preview spots. Quickly.

  • Role CD, Copywriter
  • For Port of Los Angeles
  • Type Digital Display, Pre-Roll, Cinema

All banners feature thematic “buckets” describing the types of attractions awaiting you at the LA Waterfront.

Different buckets appeal to different audiences.

Display ads were placed in highly targeted media, running in tandem with targeted paid search.

Adult-focused pre-roll / cinema spot. Editing and motion graphics by Stephany Reyes.

Family-focused pre-roll / cinema spot.

Alternate concept boards presented to client. (I actually preferred this concept, but client felt otherwise.)