Kellogg’s asked Sensis to submit a proposal for their next-generation U.S. Hispanic website. We created an integrated digital content platform that goes way beyond product displays.

“Busy bee” Latina moms are starved for time. “SabesK” delivers content & utility to simplify their daily lives and get some quality time back (as only Kellogg’s can facilitate). It’s simple, efficient Spanish shorthand for “you know what.” But it also means “Kellogg’s knows.”

Art Direction, Interaction & Web Design, Manaf Al-Naqeeb

  • Role ACD, Copywriter
  • For Kellogg’s
  • Type Website Redesign integrates products and coupons with original, useful editorial content available in Spanish and English (direct toggle).

Website was designed to be managed as a digital content publishing platform, with a seasonal editorial calendar covering a range of topics relevant to Latina moms. Kellogg’s product advertising would remain contextual to the editorial content, but never become the actual subject of the content itself.

Think of it as “Real Simple” Magazine, but branded by Kellogg’s, and only featuring Kellogg’s product advertising.