"Farm Fresh Fun"

Sometimes a client wants to be purely executional. The only ask was to reflect the Fair’s agricultural roots, but in a fresh, modern way.

We chose to paint with a digital paintbrush. And write with a poet’s pen.

  • Role Creative Director
  • For OC Fair 2017
  • Type TV, radio, digital pre-roll

Motion graphics by Los York. Audio post by Tono Studios. Art direction, David Galván. Copy, Erika Saca-Schader.

Visual concept had to be free of on-camera dialogue, to facilitate bilingual versioning in VO only.

Spanish version

Spanish version features the voice of Jesse Corti (Lefou from Disney’s original “Beauty and the Beast” and Mr. Manchas from “Zootopia”).

Sound design & mix by Tono Studios.

Radio required in-language versions of the storybook rhyme, using the same music bed in all versions.

Spanish version.