What do you call a program to reduce 90% of Los Angeles waste by 2025, that establishes recycling opportunities at every property in the city?

(Formerly known as Zero Waste LA)

  • Role Creative Director, Copywriter
  • For City of Los Angeles
  • Type Branding (Name, Logo, Tagline) & Select Launch Campaign Elements

Logo design by Cory Grabow.

The name had to encapsulate the program’s goals, feel proprietary to the city of LA, work independently as a URL and hashtag, and be clearly understood in both English and Spanish.

Refresh page for animation.

Refresh page for animation.

Refresh page for animation.

DM Postcard Front, 1st Mail Drop

Postcard Back

An irreverent, consumer-friendly brand personality helps make it more accessible to residents who might otherwise chafe at additional government regulation.


We had to leverage free, city-owned, street-level media—due to very limited campaign budget.

Bus shelters, bus benches, garbage truck sides and waste bins carry the campaign message in tandem with coordinated PR, Direct Mail, Digital Display and Paid Search efforts.

Truck Sides

Bus Shelter

Bus Benches

DM Postcard Front, 2nd Mail Drop

Postcard Back

Waste bin posters had to condense a great deal of information, and clearly display it in two languages.

Waste Bin Posters

Collateral Suite Folder, Outer Spread

Folder, Inner Spread